Vision Accessibility

Operation Eyesight's work focuses on the eye health people in the developing world. However, we know that many of our donors also struggle with vision issues. If so, we want you to be comfortable using this website. Described below are settings you can choose according to your personal preferences.

Adjust Text Size

Choose one of the three settings below to increase or decrease the size of words on this website.

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This option is designed for people who use screen readers, allowing you to bypass navigational text and skip directly to the information you're looking for. Look for the Skip to Content menu line on each page of this website. Please note: some parts of this website, like our interactive maps, cannot be read by screen readers.

Other Adjustments

Independent from this website are settings on your own computer designed to enhance visual comfort. These settings vary depending on your internet browser and computer operating system. They allow you to do things like zoom in on the screen, or even change the colours of graphics. Look for menus like "View," "Tools" or "Options." Also, think about your physical space – you can help reduce glare or increase contrast by changing the angle of your computer monitor, lowering the light in your room or shutting the blinds on your window.



Most blindness is preventable or treatable. Please help.

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